Free Education Pack

Mitutoyo’s Education Pack comprises a range of items designed to serve as convenient references to the theory and practice of engineering metrology for use in the classroom, workplace and laboratory.

The collection extends from easy access wallcharts to a comprehensive reference book, all attractively presented with colour photography and illustrations intended to promote safe and efficient usage of measuring equipment while giving enough background to encourage further research in specific fields of interest to the reader.


Metrology Handbook

This 398-page handbook covers the underlying principles,technology and application of a wide range of measuring equipment from basic tools to some of the most sophisticated inspection equipment available today. 

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Quick Guide to Measurement

A 64 page, full colour, A4-sized quick reference to the construction and application of many of the measuring instruments found in industry, supported by useful definitions of commonly used terminology in techniques including roundform measurement and SPC.

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Engineers' Reference Book

This pocket sized, full colour, 38-page booklet is a handy source of information on many aspects of metrology such as hardness scale equivalents, the relative size of the micron and gauge block tolerances and consequent applicability.


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Surface Roughness Guide

A concise, pocket-sized guide for the laboratory and workshop covering definitions and terminology found in today’s international standards dealing with this aspect of engineering metrology. 


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Ingress Protection Booklet

An A5, full colour, 16-page explanation of IP Codes, which is the system used to rate the resistance of a particular digital measuring instrument to the effects of contamination by dust, water and common coolants found in the production environment

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Set of Wallcharts

These wallcharts are designed to provide informative, always-available information on the measuring instruments typically found in the workshop and training establishment. Each wallchart is A1 in size and printed in full colour.

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