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Mitutoyo at Skar’s Service

As the Mitutoyo CMM arrived before the completion of Skar’s new temperature controlled inspection facility, the company took advantage of several of Mitutoyo UK’s range of customer service provisions.

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Qualiturn projecting a Quality image with Mitutoyo

Hertford based Qualiturn Products Ltd is an enthusiastic early user of Mitutoyo’s advanced, new PJ-Plus profile projectors. Qualiturn provides a full range of subcontract machining services, including precision CNC turning and milling.

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Mitutoyo provide a ‘Vision of Quality’ to IXYS Westcode

To help ensure the continued production of first class products, in addition to investing in state-of-the-art production plant, IXYS UK Westcode makes regular purchase of advanced metrology equipment for the company’s Quality Control Department.

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