Robust data management and SPC software for manufacturers of any size.

MeasurLink® 10 is now available with more ways to make measurement data analysis easier, inspection more efficient, and better ways to find and eliminate sources of variation!

With its automated analysis tools, MeasurLink® 10 streamlines data collection and inspection processes.

Robust data management and SPC software for manufacturers of any size.

MeasurLink 10 builds on the existing architecture of MeasurLink 9, which enjoyed record-setting license usage
over the course of its life as the current version.

What's New



Support for AS9102
First Article Inspection Reporting

Provide a clear and concise approach for completing First Article Inspection Reports before the manufacturing process. Includes forms 1, 2, and 3. Export to Excel or PDF.

  • Save layout for all active runs at the same time, 
  • Collection Scheduler is included with Real-Time.
  • AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) are now available as a form to populate and print. 
  • Acceptance Sampling support for C=0 or Z1.4 guidelines. Displays OC Curves for risk evaluation. Export to Excel or PDF.
  • A single point of data can be removed from the middle of a run. 

Missed Inspection View and Metrics

View metrics based on run, routine, station, and time for missed data collections using Process Manager.

  • Box Plot analysis capabilities added.
  • Acceptance sampling for C=0 and Z1.4 standards on historical data.
  • Support for AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports – viewing, printing, editing, export to Excel or PDF.




Data Transformation

Transform data from measurement sources before storing and displaying results. This function can convert units and shift decimal points to make data collection even easier.

Acceptance Sampling

MeasurLink's Acceptance Sampling feature calculates the correct number of samples to take and will reject or accept lots based on C=0 or ANSI Z1.4 standards. Display OC Curves for risk evaluation. Export to Excel or PDF.

  • Box Plot analysis capabilities added.
  • Acceptance sampling for C=0 and Z1.4 standards on historical data.
  • Support for AS9102 First Article Inspection Reports – viewing, printing, editing, export to Excel or PDF.




Dynamic Run Selection

This supports functionality for enhanced reporting. It gives users the ability to report on multiple runs across separate stations, parts, and routines based on filter criteria. Output all runs matching filter criteria to a single report, or an individual report for each run.


Supports machine-to-machine communication protocol for industrial automation. Similar to RS-232 devices, the measurement, traceability and serial number can be collected.




Further MeasurLink General Features & Enhancements

  • The MeasurLink user experience has undergone an update in visual presentation. Icons, window themes, and workspaces have been modified to provide a flatter feel, utilizing fewer but more consistent colors throughout. Additionally, chart backgrounds, plot points, and histogram bins have changed the default color scheme to remove the previous gradient.
  • Active Input device commands can now be sent to MeasurLink from HID devices, such as using a barcode scanner to open an inspection routine.
  • A new report page for displaying the electronic signature history of a run has been added to the Characteristic Independent section of MeasurLink reports.
  • When the database version upgrade dialog displays, primarily after a service pack has been applied, the user now has the option to change the connection so as to avoid updating a database that should not be updated (for example, to allow switching from production to a test or QA database).



  • The concept of run type has been added with values of SPC run (this is the run structure of previous versions of MeasurLink), First Article Inspection Results, Acceptance Sample, or a mixed type (combination of the first three). Specific icons have been added for each run type, and appropriate trees can be grouped by this new type as well.
  • More robust filtering of trees in Report Scheduler, Process Analyzer, and Process Manager has been included. A more advanced user experience provides the ability to achieve more complex and granular tree displays, making it easier to identify and work with only the desired data. Filter criteria includes multiple logical operands, more filtering types, and grouping controls to allow for advanced order of operations. Filters can be inclusive or exclusive.
  • XBar/R and XBar/S charts can be converted to “rainbow” charts by including the sigma zone lines and optionally adding a color scheme within the zones.
  • When previewing or printing a chart in Probability View or Classic View that contains filtered data, the filter criteria is displayed at the top of the chart.



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Database Management System (DBMS) Requirements
MeasurLink 10 ships with a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express Edition. This can be for a standalone or a workgroup installation, although the Express version of SQL Server is not recommended for customers with more than 5 licenses.

MeasurLink 10 also supports the following Microsoft SQL Server versions:
•    Microsoft SQL Server 2019 all editions
•    Microsoft SQL Server 2017 all editions
•    Microsoft SQL Server 2016 all editions
•    Azure Microsoft SQL Server

Operating System Requirements
All MeasurLink 10 products are supported on the following Microsoft Windows Operating System versions:
•    All Windows 11 64bit versions 
•    All Windows 10 64bit versions

Available in 17 different languages.

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An integral part of the Six Sigma activities and Mitutoyo’s data collection and Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solution. It is the ideal solution to automate and centralize data collection, analyze inspection data, measure processes, reduce scrap, and improve customer relations.

Standard Features of MeasurLink 10

During the trial period, you will have access to the full suite of MeasurLink 10 and all of its wonderful features!

  • Live statistical data testing
  • Email alerts and alarms for out-of-control processes
  • Real-time Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk calculations
  • Immediate pre-control, X-Bar R and IMR charting
  • Assignable cause and corrective action data entry
  • Real-Time Dynamic Data
  • What-If Scenarios In Process Analyzer
  • Real-Time Uncertainty Chart
  • MTConnect DAQ Source
  • Database Backups and Restoration
  • Windows Active Directory Support

Control the quality of your processes by identifying and reducing process variation with MeasurLink!





Mitutoyo is ending support for MeasurLink 8

After nearly 8 years, Mitutoyo is ending support for MeasurLink® 8, but we are launching a more powerful version of MeasurLink. MeasurLink® 10 will  give your organization access to additional upcoming features to make it even easier to turn Quality Control into Quality in control.